Voice is Power™ is an experiential and highly practical 2-day training and development programme. It is specifically designed to help leaders, managers and entrepreneurs enhance their ability to communicate and present with confidence, style and passion.  



Voice is Power™ enables you to make dynamic and ground-breaking changes to the way you communicate through the power of your voice, your body language and the clarity of your message. It allows you to become consciously aware of who you are as a person, who you are as a leader, your sense of purpose and the impact of your presence. Voice is Power™ will give you the mindset and discipline to continually develop to be the best communicator and natural leader you can be.

VOICE: You will enhance your…
Projection, richness and depth – to be fully heard
Range of intonation – to convey the meaning behind the words, storytelling
Pace and timing – to let your message “breathe” and sink in
Pronunciation – to deliver each word with clarity, regardless of accent

BODY: You will instantly get attention and connection with your audience through your…
Stature – to have a natural, strong presence
Use of hands – to empower your message
Eye contact – to truly connect with your audience
Facial expressions – to be congruent with your message

MESSAGE: You will fully engage by….
Analysing your audience to understand their needs and requirements
Creating a relevant, accurate and authentic message that matters
Connecting and fully interacting with your audience
Inspiring and motivating your audience with a clear call to action

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